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Since more than 20 years

usinage cnc

Conventional and digital machining (CNC)

Providing both speed and precision for all your CNC machining projects, Usinage L’Islet is committed to providing the best service for your utmost satisfaction.

We have cutting-edge equipment to help achieve your vision and manufacture both high-precision single parts as well as parts produced in series.

We are have all the essential equipment you need, such as:


  • 1 Mazak 1600 5-axes machining centre, with a 27.5" (diameter) X 17.7" (height) capacity
  • 1 Mazak Nexus 510 3-axes machining centre, with a 40'X-20"Y-20"Z capacity
  • 2 Mazak VTC-300 3-axes machining centres, with a 65"X-30"Y-26"Z capacity


  • A Nakamura 4-axes lathe with a 43" capacity between ends


  • A 16" X 32" Okamoto surface grinder

We program our equipment using Mastercam and FeatureCAM software. We can also program in Mazatrol directly on the machines for simple parts.

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3D design

Usinage L'Islet specializes in computer-aided design. Using sophisticated Solid Edge software, our dedicated design team works on major projects, including:

  • Customized industrial equipment
  • Punches and dies
  • Foundry moulds and casts
  • Machinery safety

In terms of machine safety, it is important to know that we always begin by performing a risk assessment on every project. Afterward, we will advise you about the products to use and recommend solutions to meet to the CSST’s safety requirements and standards.

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Usinage L’Islet Inc. is an expert manufacturer of specialized equipment for business sectors, such as foundries, sawmills and steel working.

We are able to provide you with turnkey projects as well as personalized support to ensure your product continuously improves. To achieve this, all while ensuring superior manufacturing quality, a project manager will oversee the work team appointed to your project from design until delivery. Furthermore, a supervisor will manage the production process in our shop.

Usinage L’Islet specializes in the design and manufacture of automated industrial equipment:

  • Inspection equipment (vision)
  • Handling machines (robotics)
  • Finishing equipment
  • Assembly equipment
  • Existing equipment safety
  • Existing equipment modification and improvement
  • Other production equipment
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Moulds and casts

For many years, Usinage L'Islet has provided comprehensive solutions for all their foundry mould and cast needs. We specialize in:

  • Mould and cast design
  • Permanent moulds
  • Core boxes
  • Cast repair and maintenance

We work for high-volume foundries in the automotive industry as well as for craft smelters.

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3D design