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Specialists you can count on

Jean-Guy Saint-Pierre

Jean-Guy Saint-Pierre,


An entrepreneurial spirit

If I had to describe myself in a few words, I would say that I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I’m an enthusiast who thinks non-stop about a thousand and one projects. I completed my studies in welding in 1980 and I was fascinated from the start in steel work. I later became a toolmaker machinist.

At the age of 16, I already knew I would become an entrepreneur. Today, I’m thrilled to have my own business and work with very competent people. Our team is passionate about the work entrusted to us and we make a great family.

We can be proud of everything we’ve created. we are very excited about our future projects.

Josée Ménard

Josée Ménard,

Assistant General Manager

Living my dream

My education in office system technology enabled me to begin my career in areas of administration, accounting and customer service.

My entrepreneurial spirit became stronger by supporting my partner in his business start-up. It was in 1999 when this stimulating business project became a reality. What a rewarding adventure!

Beyond work, my priorities are family life, friends and health. All three are essential for providing balance in my life.

Our team of experts

Vincent Coulombe

Vincent Coulombe

Project Manager
Jasmin Gagnon

Jasmin Gagnon

Project Manager - Manufacturing and Automation Department
Simon Couillard

Simon Couillard

CNC Supervisor
Alexandre Fortier

Alexandre Fortier

Hugues Gamache-Anctil

Hugues Gamache-Anctil

Isabelle St-Pierre

Isabelle St-Pierre

Business Development and Organizational Development Coordinator